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XMLQuire's XPath Editor has auto-complete, tracing, syntax-coloring, dynamic-evaluation features at its core.

Blended with a fully-featured XML Editor, a compelling new XPath test and development environment is now offered, building on our orginal SketchPath tool legacy.

XMLQuire is a free 3MB .exe download with no registration

Opening the XPath Editor

The XPath-Location bar, at the very top of the XMLQuire window, is the only visible part of the editor when XMLQuire opens. Double-Click on this for the full XPath Editor view. Alternatively, select the XPath tab on the Find dialog.


Full details are in theXMLQuire documentation, but here are just some of XMLQuire's XPath Features:

  1. .NET Framework XPath 1.0 processor*

  2. XPath-Generation from text and node panes

  3. Auto-Completion - with full predicate/fn context

  4. Syntax Coloring

  5. Expression Tracing for predicates/functions/nodes

  6. Dynamic Evaluation - results as you type

  7. XPath Help - Context-aware function help

  8. Evaluation Context - Namespaces and Context Node

  9. Results synchronised across outline and text views

Screenshot of XMLQuire's XPath Editor

XPath Editor

*On XPath 2.0

XMLQuire itself no longer supports XPath 2.0 due to redistribution costs. Instead, I've launched a separate web-based XPath 2.0 editor, Pathenq.

If you're fortunate to be able to use XPath 2.0 in your solutions, then this is the way to go - so please try out this new tool. It's already fully functional, but this is at an early stage (as of Oct 2012) so new features added at a steady rate.